5 Killer Content Tips for Year-Round Content Marketing Strategies

Creating evergreen content drives regular traffic to your site and saves your time in the long run. Here are 5 evergreen content marketing strategies that will help search engines find your site.

Words with a short lifespan should be avoided

Words with a short lifespan include trending stories and news stories that are popular only for weeks. Similarly, songs, web series, or TV shows which might be popular at that time might not be effective or garnered attention from a broad audience. Also, words like this year, last month, or yesterday should be avoided, or words with the current year should be in numeric form. For example, home buying trends in 2021 are relevant for that year. 

Update the content as much as possible 

Updating content like updating old stats, mending broken links, and changing the year in the title or text make your content evergreen.

Build links 

More the backlinks, the more evergreen content. Pages with fewer backlinks are less likely to rank on the search engines. Sharing on social media or guest posts are some of the best practices for building links.

Bonus tips for evergreen content 

  • Cater to the immediate needs of the customers to grab their attention.
  • Promote reviews, both old and new
  • Highlight Instagram stories for quick and easy access to the content
  • Use easy-to-understand language for straightforward content.   

Advantages of creating evergreen content

Evergreen content helps to improve SERP ranking and bring relevant leads. In addition, evergreen content generates valuable leads and creates trust among customers. Content marketing strategies can be merged with other marketing strategies like paid promotions, social media, and email. Moreover, content marketing strategies are more cost-effective as hiring content writers costs less than buying ads on other websites. According to survey results, there is a growing number of devices with in-built Adblockers, which are free and facilitate better device use. Adblockers can block an Ad, but valuable content cannot be stopped. 

Don’t do 

  • Avoid launch announcements or create content around numbers. 

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