How Brand can use Feedbacks to Measure Customer Experiences?

Feedback and reviews are the popular marketing terms that every brand is using to obtain information provided by the customers.  The information provided by the customer is about general information about their experience with the brand.According to a data , customers generally share poor experiences online and it is staggering 59%! With th enew revolutionary wave of the internet, it has become imperative for the brands and businesses to obtain reviews and feedbacks from the customers to create a long-term relationship with them. 

Factors that are responsible for driving customers to take the decision are as follows

  • Emotional experiences

Today millennials are more concerned about green living and sustainability. If a brand supports these values, they are likely to get more connected with the audience who strongly support these ethos.

  • Customer care services

Customers are less likely to switch brand,if the brand  pays more attention to its customer services. Surveys have revealed , customers turn to other brands due to below par customer experiences.A good customer service make a company more reliable.

  • Product quality 

Quality of a product overshadows other discrepancies or aspects of the business. Customer experience depends on the quality of the product and if that fails, feedback wont come positive. 

  • Demand for high quality amenities 

Today, net -savvy millennials prefer high-quality shopping experiences like free wi-fi  in the store. They are willing to pay more on these amenities. A customer can be made loyal to the brand by providing these facilities.

  • Transparency 

Today, customers check online before buying. They go through the website, check labels and pay attention to the reviews given by the other customers.So , to survive over time , brands need to be transparent.


A good customer experiences reinforces a brand and reduces the customer churn. A customer satisfied with the quality and services are less likely to leave the brand for factors like high product quality. A business can sustain over time not for low pricing of the product but also the good customer experiences.Hence feedbacks are essential for brands to sustain the market for the long-term. Some customers can give negative feedbacks. Instead of ignoring them, take the feedbacks gracefully and work on them. 

Customer reviews are the valuable assets and the most effective marketing tool. Volar Media House, renowned digital marketing  agency in Baner  not only helps in enhancing a brand’s visibility but also enhance its credibility among customers with its innovative digital marketing strategies.