3 Influencer Marketing Myths

Over the past decades, influencer marketing strategy has experienced continuous growth. Influencers effectively influence the purchasing power of their followers. Their recommendations and endorsements helped brands to reach their target audience. According to influencer marketing statistics for 2022, the market will witness continuous growth and is projected to expand significantly. However, there are a few myths surrounding this marketing strategy. Here are 3 most common myths about influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is all about online

Influencer marketing is not limited to online marketing. An influencer can recommend products to their friends and family. Word-of-mouth campaigns like organising product trials or giving vouchers equally influence buyers like online campaigning. An influencer with a good experience in social media and a gut instinct for how people work can enhance the reach of the product to the targeted audience. It’s a combined effort to use social media platforms and offline marketing skills to help brands generate more leads. Social media is not the sole channel for product marketing.

Bigger audience, bigger reach 

An influencer’s massive number of followers does not guarantee the success of a brand. If the product is not relevant to the influencer’s persona or lifestyle, credibility and engagement suffer. So rather than opting for an influencer with the highest follower count, choose the influencer who matches the relevancy of the product. Valuable content will be created when a skilled social media influencer adds value to the product, like gadget gurus’ reviews on the latest mobile launch.

Influencer marketing can not predict sales of the product 

Campaign performance of the influencer can be measured by using different types of tools, both for short-term sales and long-term impacts. Influencer marketing is not super expensive or limited to brands with deep pockets. For example, a newbie vegan beauty product can grab the audience’s eyeballs with the right content. 

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