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A Comprehensive Guide to the Do’s and Don’ts for Creating Engaging and Successful Content

If you’re thinking about creating video content or are already doing so, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of YouTube. Here are 3 Dos and Don’ts that will help you to create videos resonating with the audience.

Do’s When You Create Youtube Shorts

Focus on the Audience 
Your audience craves a personal connection with your brand.  Rather than relying on executives or managers, featuring authentic, relatable employees sharing their experiences, day-to-day work, and passion for your brand’s mission will humanize your brand.  It will  build trust with your audience. 

Encouraging your audience to take action is essential for maintaining their engagement with your YouTube videos. Luckily, YouTube makes it easy to include calls-to-action (CTAs) and links within your content, allowing viewers to take concrete steps to engage further with your brand. Whether directing them to your website, encouraging them to subscribe to your channel, or urging them to like and share your video, including clear, easy-to-follow CTAs will help drive engagement and build your audience.

Incorporate Transcript 
Incorporating a transcript into your YouTube videos has numerous benefits, including making it easier for viewers to find your content through both YouTube and Google searches. YouTube automatically generates a transcript for each video, but it is essential to review and edit it for accuracy and clarity. In addition, doing so will help ensure your content is accessible to a broader audience, including those with hearing impairments or who prefer reading instead of watching. 

Don’t s trust views alone 
While it’s natural to want your YouTube videos to receive as many views as possible, it’s important to rely on something other than this metric to measure your success. Depending on your goals, tracking other metrics like CTA clicks or click-through rates may be more relevant indicators of your video’s impact. If your goal is to drive conversions or sales, measuring how many viewers click through to your website or make a purchase is a more meaningful metric than simply tracking views. 

Don’t forget to add CTA
The ultimate goal of most video content is to drive conversions, which means it’s crucial to include clear calls-to-action (CTAs) in your YouTube videos. No matter how compelling your message or how high-quality your production values, your video may deliver the results you’re looking for if viewers are prompted to take action. By including a CTA that directs viewers to the web page that aligns with your marketing funnel, you can guide them toward the next step in their journey with your brand. Whether you’re trying to drive sales, generate leads, or build brand awareness, a well-placed CTA can make all the difference.So make sure to include CTAs – ensure your viewers know precisely what action they should take after watching your video.

Don’t shoot at one go 
Recording your YouTube videos in segments can help you work more efficiently and make editing smoother. However, it’s also important to consider the content of your videos and how you can engage your audience from the beginning. To capture viewers’ attention and keep them watching, be sure to introduce yourself, your brand, and the topic of your video within the first 10-20 seconds. This way, your audience knows exactly what to expect and is likelier to stay engaged throughout the video. Additionally, consider breaking your content into smaller segments that are easier to digest – this can help you keep your audience’s attention and make your videos more accessible to viewers with shorter attention spans. So while recording in segments can be helpful, remember the importance of engaging your audience from the beginning.

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