3 Video Marketing Do's & Don'ts for Business Success

3 Video Marketing Do’s & Don’ts for Business Success

To create a successful video for your business, making a great first impression within the first few seconds is crucial. However, there’s no one-size-fits-all formula for creating videos that resonate with your audience. Instead, focus on the key traits many successful videos share and tailor them to your specific business and audience. Here are 3 do’s and don’ts for effective video marketing  

Do create authentic content 
Audiences today are inundated with content and can quickly spot videos that lack sincerity. To avoid losing your audience’s trust, it’s crucial to inject reality into your videos. Here are some tips for incorporating authenticity into your video marketing strategy:

a.When planning your content, make sure to include videos that could be more polished or staged. 

b.Don’t shy away from sharing the ups and downs of your business. 

c.Use the language you typically use when speaking to someone you know well. 

Do check the lighting and audio
Good lighting and audio are crucial for keeping viewers engaged with your content. Ensure your subject is evenly lit without shadows through natural light or additional lighting sources. Use a separate mic for audio recording instead of relying on your camera’s output. Even a small amount of effort can prevent your audience from being distracted by low-quality video.

Do  measure performance 
It’s essential to measure the performance of your video content after it’s distributed. Refrain from assuming that tracking ROI is too difficult – even monitoring views, engagement, watch time, and sales changes can give you valuable insights. Analyzing this data lets you identify your audience’s likes and dislikes and adjust your video strategy accordingly. Prioritize video styles that perform well, and consider the optimal length for your content. These findings will help you to improve your video strategy over time continuously.

Don’t forget to use the Call-to-Action button
When creating video marketing content, including a call-to-action at the end of your video is essential. This CTA should be designed to encourage viewers to take a specific action, and it’s best to make it noticeable both in the video itself and with on-screen text. Hinting at the CTA early in the video can also be effective. Remember to use dialogue and on-screen text to ensure everyone notices the CTA. Doing so increases the likelihood that viewers will take the desired action.

Don’t vouch for going viral 
Making your content go viral is a better strategy for your brand. It’s not a specific goal tied to results, and it’s virtually impossible to control whether or not something goes viral. Instead, focus on creating content that’s tailored to your brand awareness goals and includes features that are common in viral videos. If your content takes off, that’s great, but even if it doesn’t, you’ll still have a valuable asset to help you reach new viewers. So don’t aim for viral; aim for effective.

Don’t assume viewers watch your content with audio 
In today’s world, visual content is often viewed without sound. To ensure that your video’s message can stand alone without audio, it’s crucial to include captions for any dialogue or voice-over and use graphic on-screen text to call out key messages. This also ensures that your content is accessible to all audiences, including those who are deaf or hard of hearing. To check if you’ve executed this step correctly, have someone unfamiliar with your brand or product watch the video with the sound turned off. You’re on the right track if they still understand the main takeaways.
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