How we Help Our Remote Team Feel More Connected !

 Working remotely is advantageous for both company and its employees. For employers, remote working helps them save money on the expenses of a traditional office and enjoy the privilege of choosing the best employees for their team regardless of the location. In addition, remote working  allows them to focus on work in total silence which helps in improving mental health. Also, employees get rid of their daily commute and spend more time at home.A business becomes strong with strong connections. Here is how we foster connection with our remote employees to increase productivity and build loyalty. 

  • Honest feedbacks 

Frequent feedback from the team members improves employee engagement and connectivity. Feedbacks show remote workers that we are paying attention to their contributions. Honest and constructive feedback helps build a remote culture where employees are less likely to be caught off guard by any negative remarks.

  • Use of collaboration tools

We make our remote workers feel connected by using remote working tools for communication, including team collaboration software. Zoho connect allows us to build a social network among team members to collaborate on projects. In addition, cloud-based storage tools like Google Drive will enable us to store and share information like documents, presentations, and spreadsheets.

  • Weekly zoom meetings 

Zoom meetings enable our remote workers to get the missing face time and allow them to bond with their co-workers. Before weekly video meetings, we encourage remote workers to share any work-related good news. In addition, we help new hires get to know their colleagues and team members.

  • Bringing the whole team together

We celebrate team wins and accomplishments and shout out to team members for their achievements. In addition, our weekly newsletters offer an inspiring recap of the week and the achievements and accomplishments of the employees to motivate and make them feel good.

  • Flexibility at work 

Our working arrangements are flexible employees can choose their own working schedule. Flexible working hours give them the advantage of better work-life balance. We celebrate ‘happy birthday ‘posts or engage them to play online games to add up fun. We assign an internal mentor to keep everyone connected. They add up valuable resources for employees as they are different from managers. 


At Volar Media House, a digital marketing agency in Baner, we increase productivity and morale by boosting and motivating our remote working employees to enhance positivity and save time while managing schedules.