Is it right to go remote permanently?


Is it right to go remote permanently?

COVID-19 has been a wake-up call for many as it pushed the world through technical barriers leveraging telework technology and software thereby opening up windows of opportunity. In the wake of the ongoing pandemic, many large tech companies such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple ramped up remote work plans for many or all of their employees around the world. With the rising cases, other organizations followed suit and transitioned to work from home to contain the pandemic.

Volar Media House, Pune well known for multidimensional online marketing molding various businesses allowed most staff who want to work remotely to do so indefinitely.

Let’s get real. Whether you work from home or the office you are doing one thing that is working. Let’s have a look at the advantages of working remotely and the disadvantages as well.

Advantages of working remotely from home

  1. Geographic location is no more a limitation: you can work from anywhere and any time of the day. You are not hounded for 9-5 working days.
  2. Daily commute: You are exempted from the hassle of daily commuting. It’s not a secret, many of us don’t like the daily trek to the office. Blessing in disguise for those who don’t like the daily trek to the office. Work from home allows you to avoid the car, bus, or train commute enabling you to start the day calm, composed, and earlier.
  3. The flexibility it offers: Work from home makes you schedule your day more efficiently. You have the privilege of running daily errands as long as you get the job done and completing any pre-assigned work.
  4. Cost-effective: Working from home not only saves money on transportation costs, eating lunch out but also purchasing formal wear for the office.
  5. Stay productive, stay healthy: Working remotely means you are less exposed to sick co-workers or even if you are sick, staying home allows you to take care of yourself and remain productive.
  6. Let you stay focused: Working remotely from home allows you to stay focused as there are fewer interruptions.


  1. Lack of self-discipline: Lack of dedication, self-control can demotivate. Work from home can make you feel isolated.
  2. Feeling of being left out: Remote workers feel left out as there are no face-to-face meetings, lunch together or even friendly banter.
  3. Dependency on technology: To stay in contact with the office and clients, you have to depend on the right technology which is ever-evolving.
  4. The danger of being overlooked: Visible employees have the chance of getting promotions or career opportunities. However, you can visit the office to keep the channel of communication open and clear.

Although remote work is on the rise, and you can stay connected with your work and with your colleagues, your work-life balance would get blurred if you don’t have a separate workplace and home space.