6 Google Analytics reports that show how your blog is performing

Google Analytics has more than 500 metrics for tracking website traffic, landing page performance, and conversions. For tracking blog performance, 7 Google Analytics reports, including Cohort Analysis, Benchmarking, Location, Assisted Conversions, Users flow, Device overlap, and User Explorer, show how many people are currently on your blog.

 Let’s have a look at these reports in detail:

1.Cohort Analysis for better product decisions: Cohort Analysis is based on behavioral analytics, asking specific and targeted questions and making informed product decisions, reducing churn, and increasing revenue. There are mainly two types of cohorts; Acquisition cohorts and behavioral cohorts. In acquisition, cohort groups are divided based on signing uptime. In behavioral cohorts, groups are divided based on behaviors and actions in the particular product.

2.Benchmarking: Benchmarking is another way to track your blog performance by showing how you stack up to everyone within your industry. The report helps you focus on channels that drive the most financial gain, and you can focus on it.

3.Location: This report highlights locations where the most significant growth opportunities are there for your blogs. If you want to showcase your content in countries where the local language is not English, you can translate it to the local language to get the traffic.

4.Assisted Conversions: Assisted conversion report helps determine how much revenue your blog generated apart from suggesting you where to focus for marketing efforts.

5.Users Flow: Users Flow Report in Google analytics highlights how people from each country interact with your blog and the flow they take. In addition, it helps to adjust the site based on geographic region.

6.Device overlap: Device Overlap helps to consume the blog content from anywhere, enabling the loyal audience to see the blog from multiple devices.

7.User Explorer: This Google Analytics report helps you find out readers’ goals and how you can help them reach their goals.

Volar Media House, a well-known digital organization in Pune, uses these metrics to track the performance of blogs and the information your business needs to optimize the content.