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Over the past 10 years, marketing services, including activities promoting a business digitally, have undergone a huge change. The success of a business or a brand depends not only on one particular channel but all available marketing channels from SEO to paid campaign management & website development for the desired exposure to the consumers. Today consumers are connected to the web 24 hours a day. Volar Media House, a creative agency based in Pune, reaches out to consumers through social media marketing, email marketing, PPC, Local SEO, website design and development, and many more …

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We start building up a brand with the idea generation techniques in a creative way. Abstract, concrete, or visual idea generation is one of the crucial factors for the success of a brand. For any product development, idea generation is the first step focusing on feasible product options that can be executed. Although the idea generation process is different for different organizations and individuals, it has mainly three steps: identifying the problem, finding out the probable solutions to the issues, and zeroing on the suitable ideas. We follow various idea generation techniques like mind mapping, brainstorming, storyboarding, brainwriting, and answering the 5 ‘W’s.

Mind Mapping

Here we present the information by showing the links between different elements with the help of lines and arrows. 


In brainstorming sessions, groups come up with probable solutions for the existing problem. In these sessions, more importance is given to the number of ideas than quality, and strange ideas are also welcomed. Structured brainstorming helps blend all ideas into one, as implied by the motto 1+1=3.


In this technique, storyboards are made with pictures, illustrations, and other information to understand the ideas better. 


In this technique, ideas are written on a piece of paper within a designated time in a group of people. Then, a person reads the ideas jotted down on the paper and adds until everyone has put their ideas. 

Answering 5 ‘W’s 

Answering 5 ‘W’s; Who, What, Where, When, and Why to come up with solutions and ideas. 

(image of Ws)

Underpin success of your business with design and fabrication of events   

Connecting with the right audience, at the right time in the right location is one of the top-performing tactics for a business. Although offline, in-person marketing events were more common, the ongoing global pandemic led to the cancelation of almost all in-person events, forcing businesses to adopt digital event marketing strategies. We bridged the gap between event marketing and digital marketing. We made it possible for two groups, both the digital marketing team delivering online and the event marketing team delivering offline, to meet and work together and make the event successful.

Managing and executing to advance your brand

End-to-end digital transformation, including services, solutions, and support, helps a business evolve. The right tools, resources, and guidance of a professional team create intelligent solutions for the business. We, driven by both human and artificial intelligence, are laying the foundation for the success of a brand. 

Traffic, leads and conversions deliver dramatic results

A brand or a business always focuses on essential metrics such as revenue and profitability for the brand’s growth strategy. A good marketing team optimizes landing pages that receive visitors and increase lead conversion rates. We at Volar Media House create targeted strategies wrapping up full-funnel flow, key conversion points, and optimization for maximum results. 

Measuring ROI on digital transformation 

The combination of metrics like increase in sales, new customers, customer retention, customer satisfaction, product, and process quality help businesses to gauge the digital transformation. In addition, Volar Media House creatively provides 360-degree marketing solutions, assisting businesses in considering an investment in digital transformation. We focus on marketing a business, showing them the right audience, and affirming the appropriate use of the investment driven by the latest digital trends.