Employee Branding

Employee Branding- A new twist in employee engagement

An employee’s reach on social media makes a brand’s engagement smooth and easier. Sharing employee’s notification helps to get more engagement and sometimes new customers. In addition, employees on board convey the brand value through word of mouth and social advocacy.

Employee branding helping the business to grow

An excellent employee branding increases the productivity of the organization. Along with productivity, motivation, reputation and loyalty also increase. A strong employee brand contributes to brand reputation management and attracts and secures the right talent.


Encourage employees to become brand ambassadors

Instill brand value in the minds of employees

Instill a positive and compelling message about the brand in the mind of the employees, so they can associate with it.

Brand training

Interface training and brand education help to teach employees to represent the brand through their behavior. These training are designed to create structured opportunities to practice representing the brand.

Convey organization’s mission

Whether the employee is new or current, it is important to convey the organization’s mission and values. To improve employees’ role clarity, set expectations through internal communications. Also, take initiatives in human resource activities and informal social events.

Attract right employee at right place

Turning an employee into brand ambassadors helps an organization to grow. However, for that right people are needed at the right place and at the right time. To fine-tune hiring, listen and address unsolicited feedback coming from employees, monitor employer brand, and provide accurate and specific job previews.

Employee feedback

Employees are the backbone of an organization. Although great brand stories are handled by HR and PR departments when the reviews come from the employees the essence of the story becomes more valid.

Positive reviews

A positive review by an employee of the organization encourages top talents to apply in your organization. Minimal and adequate notifications on social media on corporate branding in social media would be powerful enough to attract top talents.

Launch employee engagement program

Launch employee engagement programs to keep employees motivated and proud of your brand. An atmosphere, where employees feel like being an integral part of the brand helps to partake in employee branding and reduce attrition.

 Feedbacks that matters

Great feedback ensures a great employee experience which is an integral part of the employee branding. Many organizations including the Volar media House, a multidimensional online marketing organization based in Pune jumping on the employee branding wagon to hire the best talents that are hard to come by.