How to express gratitude after an interview

How to express gratitude after an interview

Express gratitude after an interview for your dream job

You excelled in the first round of interviews and waiting for the second round, then express gratitude as a follow-up to the recruiters. Express your thankfulness by expressing how much you are looking forward to the second round of interviews and why you are the perfect one for the position. You might be thinking it’s an old-fashioned gesture then you are wrong. An employer expects to receive thank you mail from the candidate and usually appreciates that gesture.

A thank you note can land you the job

After the first round of interviews, you might be feeling upbeat about your presentation answers and qualification and you are sure enough to get the job, but to your surprise, even after one month, you don’t hear anything. According to one research it has been found human resources managers consider thank-you notes from the candidates. A thank you note sets a candidate from the rest. If you are expecting to clear the second interview then follow these old-fashioned gestures which matter to the recruiters. Although the report suggested that only 24% of candidates send thank you notes, you can stand apart from the rest with these small gestures.

Here are a few tips to write an exemplary post-interview thank you note

  1. If you want to stand out amongst other candidates, then send a thank you note as soon as possible to make a lasting impression.
  2. If you want to give a better impression to the recruiter then a handwritten thank you note will not only give that personal touch but also sets you apart from the rest.
  3. Use appropriate subject lines starting with “Thank you” followed by first name, last name, and the job title.
  4. Instead of addressing them by their first name, stick to formal Mr., Mrs, or Ms. 5. Write a short and crisp thank you note on the opportunity they gave and also propose ideas in mind related to the project.
  5. When signing off make sure to keep your professional signature.

If you are looking forward to receiving interview follow-ups from  Volar Media House, then don’t forget to write a thank-you note starting with a proper subject, greeting, content, and the closing. Complete the note with your professional signature.