Importance of Hashtags and how they will help to improve your small business

Importance Of Hashtags And How They Will Help To Improve Your Small Business

Hashtags on social media are a great way to be found by the right audience. A post with relevant hashtags not only helps to boost likes, shares, and views but also helps in researching relevant content of the competitors. A brand gets more visibility and social media engagement and reaches the target audience with the right hashtags. For a small business, hashtags help to get new content. For established brands, hashtags help to organize the content.  

How to choose the right hashtag?

The right hashtag can give a business or content maximum exposure. One of the easiest ways to find the right hashtag is to follow trending hashtags. A small business can use it for trending topics. However, you can’t rely on these for a long-term engagement. These are good for seizing specific moments. For long-term engagement, use niche hashtags which are already existing. Research social media accounts of competitors for niche hashtags. 

How hashtags help to increase followers on social platforms

Twitter: Tweets with hashtags receive more engagement. However, engagement falls if there are more than two hashtags. As a result, singular, plural, or abbreviated forms of hashtags are more popular on the Twitter platform.

Instagram: This platform is more liberal on hashtag counts. On this platform, you can use hashtags up to 30 on each message. However, hashtags should revolve around your brand. According to Neil Patel, posts on Instagram can garner 80% interaction with 11 or more hashtags. 

LinkedIn: Hashtags rolled out in 2016 on this social media platform. Using hashtags on posts improves its visibility. Also, hashtags on the company page improve visibility. 

Facebook: This platform is comparatively new to hashtags. Hashtags are effective as these enable customers to find your brand by searching specific topics. However, check the effectiveness of the hashtags periodically. 

Youtube: Youtube allows up to 15 hashtags. Hashtags on the title of the video increase its search. 

Tips on how to use hashtags 

  1. Restrict the number of hashtags for more effectiveness of the posts. A post with 1-3 hashtags is more effective.
  2. Use detailed and specific hashtags for better results. 
  3. Use hashtags that can stimulate conversations and interactions.
  4. Hashtags help research your competitor. 

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