How does voice search optimization work

How does voice search optimization work?

What is voice search optimization?

A technology where users can search by saying search terms aloud. Although built as a software application but can be built as a service. Undoubtedly the next big thing in the SEO world, voice search history can be traced back to 1962 when IBM created a voice recognition device that could understand words and digits. In the past couple of years, Google has given more impetus to voice search features like BERT update. This latest algorithm update understands the complexity of human language through Natural Language Processing (NLP). It tries to understand long-tail search terms and show relevant results in a fraction of seconds.

How does voice search optimization work?

When a user asks a question using the key phrase “Ok Google” or “Alexa”, the voice search device reads the answer. Sometimes, the device does not read the answers aloud but tells you what it found on the web that fits your query.

Why voice search optimization is important?

According to stats, it has been found people use search devices especially to find nearby businesses. Statistics also revealed that people use these devices for purchases as well and sales from voice search reached billions. Around 1 billion voice searches are happening each month and optimization of voice search is not done, there is a chance of losing out revenues. It has been revealed the future of brands that adopted voice search could grow digital revenue significantly. So it is important to optimize voice search devices.

How does voice search optimization work

How to optimize voice search for businesses?

Optimize conversational queries

When it comes to voice search, people speak differently than what they type. Sometimes these searches are directional and sometimes they ask as if they are talking with a family member or a friend. So it’s important to brainstorm different questions your audience might ask.

Optimize local presence

Optimizing local presence helps your business appear in more local voice search queries. Apart from integrating locally relevant keywords,  adding hours of operation, a short blurb about your business, and adding photos to your listing help users to get the information they need.

Answer directly

 Providing users with fast and precise answers increases the chances of appearing at the top of the results. Creating an FAQ also helps to rank for voice queries.

SEO best practices

Integrating keywords on your page helps your business appear in relevant searches.  Long-tail keywords containing three or more words help to appear in front of more relevant words.

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