Best Design Practices for Mobile Advertising: Enhance Your Mobile Campaigns with Volar Media House

Gone are the days of simple banner ads on mobile devices. Today’s mobile ads are a dynamic canvas, offering diverse formats and interactive experiences. From the rise of augmented reality (AR) to the need for mobile-friendly designs, these evolving trends have the power to reshape the landscape of mobile advertising.

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Adopt Mobile-Friendly Formats

Unlike desktop or TV ads, mobile ads need to fit the vertical screen orientation that most users prefer. Repurposing content for mobile should involve adapting to these vertical views. Additionally, consider the brevity of in-app videos; users expect value in a shorter time frame, making concise and engaging content crucial.

Correctly Use Targeting Parameters

Targeting on mobile differs significantly from desktop strategies. Rather than relying on browsing history, mobile ads benefit from tracking app downloads. For instance, to target vehicle owners, real-time traffic app downloads become more indicative on mobile devices. Tailoring your targeting methods to the mobile environment ensures more effective campaigns.

Combine Out-of-Home (OOH) with Mobile Ads

Despite their differences, combining OOH and mobile ads can yield powerful results. OOH provides large physical displays, while mobile ads offer digital delivery. Leveraging aggregated mobile location data enhances the measurement of OOH ad reach. By blending these seemingly opposite ad types, marketers can achieve more comprehensive Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Creative Design Best Practices for Mobile Advertising

Use Creative GIF Animations

This dynamic element not only boosts click-through rates but also enhances overall engagement. The animation is an eye-catching feature, making your ads stand out in the mobile landscape.

Leverage Location in Your Creative

Utilize the geolocation technologies embedded in mobile apps to incorporate location data into your creative. Location-based marketing allows for precise targeting and personalization, improving response rates and higher customer engagement. Make the most of this capability to enhance the relevance of your mobile ads.

Use Smaller File Sizes and Shorter Copies

Optimize your mobile ads by keeping file sizes small and copy concise. Faster loading times are essential for capturing user attention. Given that mobile ads often load last on a page, smaller file sizes reduce the risk of users scrolling away before the ads load. Short, captivating copies paired with compelling images can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your mobile ads.

Leverage New Tech Like Augmented (AR) Reality

 AR adds an interactive and engaging dimension to your campaigns, creating a more immersive experience for users. Capitalize on the superimposing effect of AR to establish emotional connections with your audience, driving increased sales and enhancing brand value.


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