Using a website to generate leads

These days, most businesses have a website. Prospective clients enjoy going to websites because they go there on their own terms and they can browse it at their leisure without feeling as if they have someone looking over their shoulder.

Here are some ways to make your website user friendly, and one of your biggest lead generators.

1. Keep it simple Make sure that the website is easy to navigate and people can find what they are looking for quickly and easily.

2. Don’t blind your customers Don’t use a lot of flashing lights or color schemes that can be painful to view, or else you may find that your customers close the window before they have a chance to see what you have to offer.

3. Offer advice or tips It’s always a good idea to offer visitors something free, like tips or advice. Make sure that the advice and tips are pertinent to your business.

4. Encourage feedback Have a guestbook or a forum that people can go to and leave feedback with suggestions or comments about your website. Even if they aren’t things that you want to hear, any feedback is valuable.

Follow up on the feedback and thank them for taking the time to leave it. All of the above tips put the customer first and show that you care about what they think. When visitors know that you are putting them first, they are more likely to become a customer and encourage others to do the same.