Putting the customer first

A mistake that is made on websites is that there is a lot of the word ‘we’, and that can turn prospective customers away.

It’s understandable that you want to tell your customers all about the company and what it can do for them, but it’s better to have the customer be the center of the focus, not the company.

Let the customer know that they are your main focus, and that you put their needs above everything else. Customers don’t want to read about how great your company is – they want to see results. They want to see what you are going to do for them.

Something that websites offer is an anonymous poll, so that they can see what it is that their customers are looking for. This gives the customer the chance to give their opinion without offering any other information.

A good way to get a customer’s attention is to have something like, -Let us know how to serve you better-. This makes the customer centric and lets them know that you value their opinion.

Something to remember is that when a customer sees a website full of praise about the company, they may think that the company doesn’t really care about their customers and makes them wonder what will happen if there’s a problem.

But when a website puts the customer at the forefront right away, this shows them that they are important and that the company cares about them.