How to track blog traffic in GA?

If you want to judge the success of your blog, then traffic is just one of the metrics. A blog‘s success not only depends on the number of visits but also visitors’ engagement with the content, their interest in whatever you are selling, and the conversion. Apart from measuring the traffic, a blog‘s success depends on page views, average Time on page, intermediate pages per session, returning visitors, and goal conversion rate. These metrics help you to be informed and make data-driven decisions.

1.Pageviews: Pageviews help you know which blog posts are most popular and which are least popular, thus helping you decide what topics to choose next so visitors might enjoy seeing more.

2.Average time on page: Average Time on the page means the amount of Time the visitors spend reading your blog post. Average Time determines whether the reader is reading your blog post or not.

3.Average pages per session: Average pages per session helps you to determine how many pages of your site in total a user viewed.

4.Returning visitors: For measuring the success of your blog, returning visitors metrics are essential to know the number of people who have returned to your site to read a specific blog.

5.Goal conversion rate: A success of a blog also depends on the conversion rate. For example, you are signing up for your newsletter or a free trial or purchasing after reading the blog. Goal conversion rate gives you the information on the percentage of visitors who took that action when they viewed a specific blog post.

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