An ultimate guide for 2021 SEO trends

Navigate 5 SEO best trends in 2021

The success of your website depends on its ranking in Google’s top 10 results. If your website with target keywords fails to rank on Google’s top 10 brackets, then your website is invisible because most users don’t navigate beyond the first page of search results. The main goal of the web search is to produce content that answers the user’s query. And, you can upgrade your website ranking by practicing these 5 SEO best practices that are trending in 2021. 

Featured Snippets

If you want to rank your website in SERP results and higher visibility, you either need to pay for Google search ads or write content that’s good enough to have a SERP feature. To optimize SERP features, use SEO tool ‘Ahrefs, Which offers a seven-day trial period. If you are already using ‘Ahrefs,’ you will find icons like ‘Adwords top,’ ‘Adwords bottom,’ or’ Knowledge pack’ to the left of the URL column, which determines that your page has a SERP feature in searches. In addition, there are different SERP features like ‘shopping results,’ ‘Tweets box,” Site links,” Thumbnails,” Video,” people also ask,’ and ‘Top stories.’ If you have already earned them, then delve into factors that resulted in making backlinks.

Zero-click searches

Zero-click searches are the top search result answering your query, and appearing on this coveted spot means users don’t need further information gained by further clicking. To get a click on a link for additional visibility, follow these practices, such as optimizing SERP features, increasing brand awareness, or focusing on the keywords with a higher click-through-rate opportunity.

High-quality content

High-quality content can reach your website on top searches. Content can be in any format like images, text, or videos, but relevant and actionable. Follow ‘search quality guidelines’ of Google which is E-A-T ( Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness).

Mobile-only indexing

According to Google’s recent announcement, it will ignore the desktop views of website content for indexing and ranking and only include mobile-first indexing, and” M-dot” mobile sites will become primary instead of the alternative. So, from designing websites to navigating main navigation links, everything in between should be mobile-friendly.

Rendering performance

Google rolled out ‘Core Web Vitals’ that will help marketers with information like when the update will happen and offering tools for measuring them in Google Search Console and Lighthouse reports and making the data available for ‘Core Web vitals dashboards.’ Right now, the best practice would be to get the Core Web Vitals worked out by doing a site performance audit before May 2021. 

At Volar Media House, we ensure these best practices are in place to keep your business ahead of the game.