A Quick Guide To Twitter Marketing

Twitter which began its journey in 2006 as an online message board, is now one of the largest social networks in the world. According to a recent report, around 65% of businesses are using this platform for advertising. Here is a quick guide on how to get ahead of others in digital marketing on this platform. 

Twitter profile -Twitter is an excellent platform for brands to have close-knit relationships with their consumers. To begin with, pick @ Handle of 16 characters max. Next, try to incorporate your brand’s name in the Handle; if it is already taken, then play with underscores or relevant words. Next, write a powerful bio within 160 characters with your business location and brand’s launch date, and insert the URL of the business website. 

Twitter Voice – To appeal to the masses on Twitter, stay true to the brand’s voice. Apply the latest trends to woo consumers while remaining real to the brand.

Twitter hashtags and trends: To increase your brand’s reach, create hashtags with specific campaigns or use hashtags to encourage the audience to participate or share tweets with those hashtags.

Use right-sized visuals- A right- sized visuals have a higher potential to reach the audience.

Share updates at the appropriate time– Post when followers are most active. A tweet’s self-life lasts only 30 minutes! Consistency in posting is the mantra of success on Twitter and reaching the audience. 

Ask a question: To increase the audience’s engagement, ask questions or repost their responses. Engage with followers by creating a two-way channel of communication with them. Always make sure to respond to followers who are tweeting about your brand individually.

Benefits of marketing on Twitter 

This platform allows the brand to create a genuine connection by directly responding to them. Conversations become more worthwhile and authentic. Tags encourage engagements as these send other users notifications guaranteeing views. Tagging ends up with more reach and engagement. On this platform, you can post up to 15 times per day! To stay relevant to the audience, you have the privilege of posting on the platform multiple times, which is  limited in Facebook and Instagram. You can access free tools like TweetDeck, which specializes in monitoring. This free tool helps you to create individual feeds for your selected parameters. 

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