Top trends in Digital Marketing for Real Estate Domain

The real estate industry got a new lease of life due to digital marketing, especially after the pandemic. Intermittent lockdowns during the pandemic restricted the movement of the people. But eager homebuyers could do extensive research online on the properties due to the brands’ online presence. Digital marketing helped the real estate industry reach potential customers without extra effort. From brokers and developers to sellers online, digital marketing helped everyone in the sector. It has created a pool of opportunities for realtors. They can measure each rupee spent and Return on Investment.

Real Estate  internet Digital Marketing Statistics  :

  1. Online Search
  2. 92% of all homebuyers search for properties online
  3. 91% of Realtors use social media platforms as a marketing tool
  4. 87% of all buyers trust real estate agents as a good source of information
  5. 83% of home buyers view the property pictures online

Real estate digital marketing has evolved beyond mention. Here are the following top trends in digital marketing for the real estate domain.

  • Mobile-friendly websites to engage users : A mobile-friendly website helps users to know about the property with one click. It increases the versatility of a business,and it also saves time.
  • Quality website content : Quality content on the website redefines  brand. Checking the content periodically and upgrading it to make it more relevant and valuable.
  • Target all search engines : Not only Google but target all search engines like Bing and Yahoo to maintain a steady search market share.
  • Digital Storytelling : Instead of paragraphs, users prefer engaging video clips which can be shared on various platforms other than youtube. In addition, the brand’s digital storytelling helps users know about the project in detail.
  • Attention to analytics : Audiences can be better targeted when the competitive analysis is done. In addition, with Google Analytics, traffic to the website can be accessed, which helps to generate leads.
  • Inbound Marketing : An inexpensive marketing strategy to increase the brand’s visibility by posting videos, photos, and blogs on social media.
  • Email marketing campaign : Email marketing campaigns can lead to actionable clicks on newsletters, mailers, or invites to the target audience.

How does Volar Media House help real estate brands to grow and reach their target audience?

Volar Media House, a real estate digital marketing agency in Pune, creates dynamic websites for the brand, plant suitable chatbots, and generate valuable leads that are easily converted. In addition, they launch ROI-driven email marketing campaigns to generate valuable leads and use popular social media sites to add competitive CRM approaches. 

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