5 Tips & few more tricks to grow your business engagement using Instagram Stories

Instagram needs no introduction. So we will directly dive into ultimate tips and tricks on promoting a business on Instagram stories. Here, you will get to know how to make an eye-catching Instagram profile and maintain consistency in great content and tips to increase followers through IG stories. 

Instagram goals for businesses

  1. Enhance brand awareness and build a community around it
  2. Endorse company culture and values while selling products and services


Tip 1- To increase brand awareness, write down the business’s goals and monitor them continuously to ensure that every post serves the purpose.

Tip 2– Write killer content for your business profile that showcases your brand’s personality.

Tip 3- For an Instagram profile image, choose the brand’s logo to let the customers recognize it instantaneously.

Now five important tips for engaging Instagram stories

Instagram stories are visible only for 24 hours. A purple and orange ring appears around the profile picture with each new story published. Instagram stories can offer endless opportunities for the brand to engage the audience.

  1. Polls and quizzes for fun- Pick up followers with playful questions
  2. Make a smart move with announcements or breaking news regarding your brand.
  3. Maximise reach to the audience by hyping new posts on the main feed through IG stories.
  4. Post teasers for the upcoming event to generate interest among followers.
  5. Promote offers, deals, or discounts via Instagram stories.

Few more ways to make Instagram stories engaging and eye-catching

Make Instagram stories fun to reach the maximum audience with creative stickers. The audience might overlook a regular post on the main feed, but an engaging IG story generates full brand engagement. Before sharing stories, create a storyboard with a clear beginning, middle, and end part of the story to keep the audience engaged. Match your brand aesthetics with stories. Brand aesthetics help followers to identify your brand because of its unique styles. 

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